Big Bend Overland Tours

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Explore Big Bend National Park in an Overland Tour! With one of our knowledgeable guides, you will have the opportunity to explore this unique National Park like a local. There are amazing geographic features to be seen, beautiful flora and fauna to photograph, and an extensive history to learn about. Prepare for your tour and pack a camera, binoculars, sun protection, hiking shoes, and extra water for your trip. Our guides carry satellite phones and are trained in first aid to keep you and your group safe during the trip around Big Bend. See this National Park with us in one of our Ford Excursion 4-Wheel Drive vehicles with air conditioning, a perfect ride for even the hot summer months in the park.

River Road Tour

The River Road Tour takes visitors to one of the most beautiful and isolated areas of Big Bend National Park. This historic spot lies between Castolon and Rio Grand Village. Visitors will have an opportunity to see the Rio Grande River, a variety of plant life, unique geological formations, and stunning views. This tour will take you to the southern portion of Big Bend where Mariscal Mine Ruins and Glenn Springs lie. These historic spots hold a spot in history for mercury production at Mariscal and a bandit raid that occurred in 1916 at Glenn Springs. This 120-mile round-trip tour includes a picnic lunch and is a day-long adventure.
10-12 hours/1-6 people
(Park entrance fee and taxes not included)

Hot Springs and Rio Grande Village Tour

4 hours/1-6 people
(Park entrance fee and taxes not included)

Ernst Tinaja Tour (add-on option - Old Ore Road**)

The Ernst Tinaja Tour can only be seen by off-road vehicle. This unique spot is a natural watering hole that the wildlife of the area flocks to for a drink. You'll want to pack a good pair of hiking boots for this trip as it requires a mile of walking to the final point. Visitors have the amazing views of colorful limestone around them in hues of beige, yellow, gray, and reddish-brown. During the drive, you'll have an opportunity to spot a variety of desert flora and amazing views of Chisos Mountains. This tour will take 5 hours or half a day so plan accordingly.
5 hours **/1-6 people
(Park entrance fee and taxes not included)

**Add-On Option - Old Ore Road with Ernst Tinaja
Add more adventure to the Ernest Tinaja tour for an all-day outing with Old Ore Road added on. With the addition of Old Ore Road, boxed lunches will be included. This portion of the tour will end with an amazing view of giant Dagger Yucca at Dagger Flats.
All Day/1-6 people
(Park entrance fee and taxes not included)

Santa Elena Loop Tour

This tour will start off at Big Bend's west entrance to Old Maverick Road. Along the way, you'll have an opportunity to see the century-old Luna's Jacal and Terlingua Abajo settlements. Prepare for beautiful sites once the tour reaches Santa Elena Canyon from the base of its 1,500 ft. high cliffs. Enjoy boxed lunches at the Historic Castolon Store and then continue on to view the area's flora, fauna, geology, and history at Sotol Vista and Sam Nail Ranch.
5 hours/1-6 people
(Park entrance fee and taxes not included)

Indian Head Springs and Moon Valley Tour

This very historic tour allows visitors the chance to turn back the clock and explore the Indian Head Springs campsite. This area dates back nearly 7,000 years by archaeologists that have studied the area. View pictographs and the panoramic scenery as well as the indigenous rock to engage the hidden wonders of the Chihuahuan Desert. The tour will continue on to Moon Valley, the location selected by NASA to train Neil Armstrong on how to take a rock sample prior to his trip to the moon.
5 hours/1-6 people
(No Park entrance fee needed)

Glenn Springs Road Tour (add-on option - Black Gap/ Mariscal Mine**)

The tour will visit the remains of an historic town that was the site a bandit raid in 1916 and a candellila wax factory . Explore the remains of an old army outpost used to defend the area against Poncho Villa. This area also features unique rock formations and a natural spring - you might even catch a glimpse of some birds and other wildlife at this popular watering hole.
5 hours/1-6 people
(Park entrance fee and taxes not included)

**Add on Option - Black Gap & Mariscal Mine with Glenn Springs Tour
Extend your Glenn Springs tour to include some of the most amazing (and difficult to get to) places in the park. Black Gap Road is the most rugged, primitive road in the park. So if you're up for an adventure, this tour is for you! The last stop is Mariscal Mine - a mercury mine that was operational until the 1920's and briefly reopened in the 40's before Big Bend became a National Park. The all day tour includes boxed lunches (sandwich, chips, cookies, water and fruit)
All Day/1-6 people (Park entrance fee and taxes not included)

Customized Tours are available upon request.

At your request we can customize a tour just for your group (1-5 people). You tell us where you want to go and we will do the rest. Tours can be inside Big Bend National Park, Terlingua area, and Big Bend Ranch State Park. Call for more information or ask at the front desk.
Prices vary depending on the location and time required.

Boxed Lunches

Boxed lunches are available to take on your tour. The lunches include turkey, ham, or peanut butter & jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread with an orange or apple, chips, bottled water and a cookie. Please be sure to pre-order these lunches so that they are ready for your tour. You can also pick up snacks (juice, trail mix, candy bars, etc.) at the Chisos Basin Store and the Big Bend Resorts & Adventures Store.

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